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  • Quick and easy to use
  • Magnetic closure
  • Helps protect your countertop and hot iron
  • Great for travel
  • Works with most hot iron tools
  • Available in several beautiful patterns
  • No need to wait for hot iron to cool for storage

Sooo Cool
Sooo Cool was designed to simplify your hot iron storage and organization needs. Sooo Cool's heat-resistant fabric protects surfaces while your hot iron is in use . When you're done, simply clamp your hot iron onto Sooo Cool's double-sided heat resistant end, and wrap the Sooo Cool mat around your hot iron. Soo Cool's Neodymium magnet firmly holds the mat in place. Tame that messy cord by securing it with Sooo Cool's decorative loop and button.
Sooo Neat products are hand-crafted in the USA.

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