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Company Information

Sooo Neat, LLC is a woman-owned small business headquarted in Lafayette, Louisiana.
My company started with an idea, an idea for a product to help women save time staying neat and organized. This product needed to be quick and easy to use, without taking up a lot of space. With my wonderful husband’s support and encouragement, I put my idea for the hot iron wrap and mat drawing on paper. This set the ball into motion and, with my husband’s business advice, Sooo Neat, LLC was born.
I would like to thank those who have helped me grow my company this far. My head seamstress is my mother, Janice. Without her sewing skills, I would still be trying to develop my product from a drawing. Terry and Melanie Vail of Bonus Software Corporation developed a SoooNeat web site that is visually impressive and easy for guests to navigate. My graphic designer, Sheila Benoit, took my marker drawing of the Sooo Neat and Sooo Cool logo designs and brought them to life. The logos are exactly what I had envisioned. My photographer, Gage Seaux, whose keen eye and attention to detail offers my customers a full vision of the products on the website. I would also like to thank my daughters, Emily and Jackie, and my nieces, Nicole, Brittany, Morgan, Alyssa and Maddie, for helping me choose the wonderful prints for the hot iron wrap and mats. And of course, I would like to thank all my family and friends who have given me their support and encouragement.
Sooo Neat products are hand-crafted in the USA.